We invite you to join us in community transformation by supporting the work of Healthy Black Families, Inc.. Your monetary donation will helps us as we expand our work in advocacy, programming, and policy change.

You can donate by PayPal, Credit Card, and Check and mail to 3356 Adeline St. Berkeley, CA 94703

At Healthy Black Families, we advocate for black families, empower the community to be informed about their health, and create space for community members to receive needed resources to improve the lives of their families…be it kindergarten readiness for young children, peer groups to share health education, or advocacy training to develop community health leaders.

We also provide space for women to lift their voices while becoming published authors through our newer program Telling Our Stories. We are proud to represent what it means to be a healthy black community…one family at a time. In 2019, we will renew our commitment to our birth equity and birth justice work and fatherhood engagement. Click on a link below to purchase your copy today!

1. What We Carry: Stories Black Women Never Tell Volume 1
2. What We Carry: Stories Black Women Never Tell Volume 2
3. What We Carry: Stories Black Women Never Tell Volume 3

Below are ways you can be part of “Cheers to 5 Years:
• Donate a minimum of $10 a day/week. Challenge ends on April 30, 2019 at 12noon PST.
• Just think about how easily we spend $10 on going out to eat during our lunch break, a week’s worth of morning coffee at our favorite café, or buying snacks at the nearby vending machine during the week.
• Here you can invest a minimal amount that can have a huge, positive, and lasting impact on the black community.
• Alternatively, you can donate $100 all at once or $50 now and $50 later-as long as it is before the April 30th deadline.
• Funds will be used to support the programs and activities of Healthy Black Families, Inc.
• You get this opportunity to support work that directly impacts Black families (mothers, fathers, and children) in the Bay Area and makes a difference!
• As you join “Cheers to 5 Years”, be sure to tell your friends and family about it on Healthy Black Families, Inc. Facebook page and use #HealthyBlackFamilies.

All donations are tax deductible EIN/ Tax ID number: 46-3142614

2019 Community Funding Goal